About Turtle

I started my running journey 9 years ago.  I'm a back of the pack runner.  Sometimes I'm a THE-back-of-the-pack runner.  Sometimes I have to try my best to pass someone to not be last, or have to do advanced calculus to figure out if I'm going to make the cut-off at a race.
I race for fun.  I run to be outside.  I love climbing mountains and descending canyons.  I love the outdoors and would happily live in a little off-the-grid mountain shack if given the opportunity (and a really good reason to convince my husband to join me).

I love turtles.  They are symbols of wisdom.  They carry their home on their back.  They are slow and enjoy the scenery.  I am all those things (well, except for maybe the wisdom part).

Give me a Grand Canyon to climb down in and explore or a mountain top to be summited and that is all I need to feed my soul.
Run Turtle Run... and I do.

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