Monday, April 8, 2013

RunnerBox... I think I'm in love.

I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it.... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...oh yeah!!!

Ok, so using the Pointer Sisters might not be the best way to introduce you RunnerBox, but I'm so excited to tell you about this great product. 
First, I have to give a big shout out to Read. Bake. Run. Repeat. for hosting the RunnerBox giveaway.  I entered her contest and won a free RunnerBox.  I'd been wanting to try one for awhile, but just hadn't pulled the trigger yet.  I WAY overanalyze things and think about them too much and never get around to doing anything about it.  A free giveaway made the decision for me.  So thank you, Krista, for hosting this giveaway.  BTW- you really should check out her blog- it's pretty great.

Now onto the most exciting part of this post:  THE BOX.  The glorious box o' goodness.
I was so excited to see what was inside, I nearly shredded the US postal service packaging it was delivered in.  Once that was taken care of, I opened the box itself really slowly, so I could savor each of the goodies inside.  To my delight it contained the following items:
  • Injinji lightweight ultra thin socks (I LOVE injinjis!!!!)
  • HÜma chia energy gel (I've been wanting to try this, but nobody sells it locally, so this is perfect)
  • Clif Shot Bloks (margarita flavor- ¡Si Señor!)
  • SiMbi hair band (pretty cute little hair tie)
  • Cytomax sports performance drink (I won't use this, but I'll bet my husband will)
  • Chocolate agave gel (vegan and uses agave instead of sugars- can't wait to try it)
  • Energy Bits (not sure what these are- will have to do some research)
  • WIN sports detergent specifically for dri-fit clothing (been wanting to try, but it's pretty expensive)
  • Accel revover bar (again, won't use this, but I'll bet my husband will)
  • Skin Strong Slik (it's an anti-chafing spray- will use it under my bra band since I'm having lots of chafing there lately)

I'm SO excited that most of the products are things I will use and actually have been wanting to try. 
It seems like this might be a great way to sample new products and get little things for my running stash for not a lot of cash. Each box is $10/month.  Not so bad.  They also have a TriBox that I might check out (assuming I will do a tri this year, which I haven't entirely decided upon just yet).

I'm off to go try out some of my goodies.  I'll let you know how I like them. 

P.S. The injinjis are already on my feet.  Pure heaven....



  1. Ah ha! So it was you who won the Runnerbox that I wanted to win! Ha ha. Glad to see it has so much cool stuff. Maybe I should try this out after all...

    1. Yeep, it was me that won. I never win anything, so I was STOKED to win this. And the box is so cool that I'm going to subscribe to it monthly. I can cancel at any time, so it's worth it if I get a few really neat things in there to try out.