Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alone with my thoughts

That's the way every trail run is lately.  Just me and my thoughts.

I used to run with music EVERY time my feet hit the trail/pavement/sidewalk/road.  But lately I've been secretly enjoying listening to my own heavy breathing and nature (and also the mundane ramblings of the random thoughts in my head).  And there are plenty rattling around up in there.
Today I hit the trails with 4 girlfriends for an 8 mile run.  It was lightly raining when we started and the temps were cooler than usual, although the humidity was so thick it made it hard to breathe.  I managed to stay with them for, oh...about a half mile before I could no longer keep up.  I never mind being dropped off the back, tho.  In races or in training, I truly cherish the quiet alone time I have on the trails.  I don't have to keep up conversation (which always makes the breathing that much harder) and I don't have to worry about holding anyone back.  So I said goodbye and slowed my pace down to just slightly faster than a crawl... and settled in for the long miles ahead. 

The trails were hardly wet from the rain so I glided effortlessly (um... make that effortfully) through the twisty turns of the trail.  I hadn't run this particular set of trails in well over a year, so it was neat to get to see them again.  It was almost like running someplace brand new, and I relished the new scenery before me as I twisted, turned, climbed, descended and sailed along.

There were lots of nature visitors on the trail: deer, squirrels, and of course; turtles.  I saw a few just in the short time I was out there.  I almost stepped on this little guy as I bounded down a hill.  He was trail colored and easily blended in.  Watch out, little guy!
But hey, I get it, little dude.  I'm a trail turtle myself. ;)
I really enjoyed my run.  Cut some corners, jumped on another trail, ran by the lake and ran from imaginary zombies trying to eat me.  All in all a pretty good run coming in at just under 7 miles.  By the end of the run, the rain had really picked up and things were getting sloppy out there.  We changed out of our wet, soggy clothes and headed to lunch. 
Can't wait to run out there again!


  1. Love your blog Tanya!!! I smile while reading what you right and can hear your voice in my head saying it. You write beautifully!

    1. Thanks, Julie! :) That's you and Beth in the first picture. I was running so that's why you're so blurry (or is it because you're running so fast??)