Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to my blog

I decided to start this blog as a way of recording my new foray into trail running and all my adventures associated with it. 
This month I did my first ever trail race:  The Do Wacka Do in Erick, OK.  It was a 25K and it crossed a canyon about a billion times.  It was the hardest and most amazing thing I've ever done.  It was harder than my Ironman and just as amazing (maybe more).  I enjoyed it so much I thought I would chronicle my running adventures in a blog. 
I'm not a fast runner, I don't have a runner's body, I don't win...well, anything, but I LOVE being outside and moving.  Moving fast, moving slow, sometimes not moving at all and then moving again later.  I'm an endurance junkie.  I love to go long.  I love to be out there all day.  I love the feeling of challenging myself in ways I didn't know I was capable of being challenged.  Of feeling muscles burn and fatigue, of feeling so exhausted and mentally drained that the mere thought of what to eat seems like the hardest thing I've ever had to contemplate. 

I love to suffer.

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and my adventures.  Some will be interesting, some will be boring, some will be muddy and pointless.  But they'll all be mine. 


Below are some shots from Do Wack Do
 before the race with the best trail running friends you could ask for
 one of the many up and downhills of the canyon
 finishing my first trail race!
My finisher arm coolers and my sticker.  Yay me!!!

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