Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get out of my way, gnats!!

What?  You talkin' to me???
I did a short 4.5 mile run to the Redman storage facility today to help sort some race stuff from last weekend. 
It wasn't far and I needed more time on my feet so I thought a quick run was a good idea...

....until I hit the lake...

....and the dam road (no, that's correct- it's a road on the dam, but today it was a damn road, too).

I have my Gymboss timer set to intervals of 3 min run and 1 min walk.  The first couple times it would beep for me to walk I would stop and immediately get swarmed by gnats.  Buzzing in my ears and in my nose and up inside my sunglasses and the little buggers even tried to get into my mouth and take the super expressway to the stomach. 

So what's a girl to do?  Do NOT stop to take walk breaks and just keep on running. 

At least it made me run faster... right???

Todays lesson:

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