Monday, October 15, 2012

Am I the only one who has runs that go like this:

Get out of car. 
Turn on Garmin. 
Wait for satellites to locate.
Stare at wrist like an idiot and wait.
Wait some more.
Satellites located and I'm off-----

00:01   ouch ouch ouch ouch
00:15   OHMIGOSH it's ONLY been 15 minutes?  Ugh...
00:27   so I'm supposed to run for 2 hours, but a 30 minute run is still good.  Right?
00:42   OK, I'm not looking at my watch again for at least another 30 minutes
00:44   DAMMIT!!!!  Only 2 minutes have passed. 
00:58   an hour run is perfectly acceptable for a weeknight, right??? Running is stupid!!
00:59   ouch ouch ouch ouch
1:01     Yes!  Over the halfway point.  I think I can do this.
1:10     OK, things are loosening up.  I'm feeling much better.
1:20     ALL RIGHTY- I'm getting in the groove now.  Time to turn this up and go for a run!
1:53     Holy moly- I'm almost done
1:58     Do I have to stop already???? :(

My engine is like a 1965 Mustang in the dead of a frigid Alaskan winter.  It takes FOREVER for me to warm up, but once I get there I can go all day.  It's that first hour+ that makes me want to scream, but then the time begins to fly by and I lose myself.

Just wondering if I'm the only one...

Palo Duro 50K is just 5 days away.  I'm SUPER stoked!  It will be my first PD run and my first 50K.  I'm not hoping for anything spectacular.  I'm a turtle on the trails.  I average between 14-16 min/miles.  I am hoping for sub 8 hours, but am planning on being out there 9.  I just want to soak up as much of the run as I can.  My friend Sarah is coming with me.  Road trip, running, camping, friends, trails,  and America's 2nd largest canyon.  Is there anything about this trip that doesn't sound amazing??? 

Run wild, friends!

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  1. YES! That sounds exactly like most of my runs! Glad I'm not the only one that is a slow warmer upper!

    4 more days till PD!! I'm excited to see you run your first 50K!