Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tweaking... and not in a good way

Although really, tweaking in any way is just plain bad.

Tonight I'm referring to tweaking of the knee kind.  

I went running at Bluff tonight.  Well, "run" deserves to be in quotes. Even when I'm running a pace that feels challenging to me, I'm still only eeking out 15 min/miles.  Lots of people can walk that fast. Not this person. These stumpy little legs just can't move that fast.  When I'm walking on the trail at a fast clip, I'm still only putting out 18:30 min/miles.  I'm just not a fast mover, I guess.  It also comes down to the reality that I'm one clumsy mo-fo.  I can barely walk on flat ground without tripping on air or falling down for no apparent reason.  So between stubby legs and clumsy body, I'm just not destined for speed.

Anyway... where was I? 

Oh yes.  I was running at Bluff tonight and came down weird on my knee.  Not hard, not twisty, just came down weird and got a shooting pain in my knee.  Dammit!!!  My 50K is in 3 days.  This is NOT the time to be tweaking things.  That was at 2 miles.  I hobbled the 1.5 back to the car and came home to ice it. 
I'll wear a knee brace the next couple days and cross fingers that it will vanish as mysteriously as it appeared.

Either way, I'm going to have a BLAST at Palo Duro!!!  Even if I have to walk it, I will finish that darn race!!!  Whether it takes me 7 hours or 11, I'm crossing that finish line.  I WILL finish my first 50K this weekend, dadnabbit!!! :) 

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