Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tails on trails

Look who got to come running on the trails with us tonight?  Yes, that's BOTH dogs.  Kona (the brown pup) is the more well-behaved and socially adjusted one.  She's never a worry on the trail with other dogs and people.  Old Yeller, tho, well he's another story.  I had planned on taking Kona, but Jimbo got to whining and crying and throwing such a fit that I reluctantly pulled out his leash and took him with us.  Thankfully the hubs ran with Jimbo while I took Kona. 
The minute I opened the back of the car- Kona was off and running.  She starts moaning and "talking" to me when she gets really excited, and she was making all kinds of noise telling me to get a move on.  In no uncertain terms was she willing to wait on my ass.
"Come on, Mom- let's get going!"

The trails are starting (well, have started) drying out and turning brown.  The foliage never did blossom out as fully as usual this year due to the severe drought we had all summer.  The recent rain we've had has done a lot to green things up, but it's kinda been a situation of too little too late.  They are still pretty, but not nearly as full and pretty as usual.  
We hit the trails yesterday and today (and tomorrow and this weekend) in preparation for the 24 hour race that we're doing out here in a few weeks.  The hubs is doing the trail version, and I'm doing the 1 mile paved loop version.  As much as I LOVE the trails, this particular trail beats me up over time.  I did the trail 24 hour race 3 years ago and after about 12 hours, that trail felt harder than concrete. I also suffered severe blistering from all the ups and downs. 
I want to finish the 24 hour race this year with more mileage than last time and to finish it feeling much better than last time.  Plus, to be completely honest, the trail in the dead of night scares the HELL out of me!  Last time there were so few people on the trail that I would spend loop after loop, hour after hour all alone out there. 
And it was dark. 
And scary. 
And woods make scary night-time noises.
And did you know spiders have eyes that glow? 
And so do mountain lions and trail monsters. 
So that leads me to the paved loop this year that will not only have no hills, but will have many runners all day (and night) long to keep me company.  Even if I don't speak to any of them, at least I know I stand a chance if a trail monster decides to come out for a snack. 
I just have to be faster than someone else... 
So Kona and I did 2.25 miles and she suddenly decided she had enough and practically just laid down on the trail and waited for me to pick her up and carry her back to the car. 
Which I did not do. 
Eventually she got up and we walked back to the car.  She was a good sport about it, but I know she was tired and hurting.  After all, she hasn't been out on the trial with me since March (back when the Earth was much cooler and big heavy furry coats didn't make a dog feel like dying).

Jimbo did really well with the hubs.  He didn't bite anyone, although truthfully I think he was just too tired to be an ass.  He, too, was one worn-out pup!  They've been panting on the tile floor ever since we got home. 
They are...

wait for it....

dog tired!  Bwaa haa haaa.  I crack me up!

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