Friday, November 2, 2012

Feels good to shake out the cobwebs

I did my first recovery run after the race this afternoon.  I went to the trails and did a short 2 miles. 

I've been REALLY slothful this week, although everything I read said to take it easy and rest as the body told me to.  I took lots of naps, ate just about anything and everything I wanted since I was ravenous all week, and was generally one lazy bum.  And that's what's supposed to happen.

But today my legs got to itching at work.  They started talking to me telling me they were ready for a run.  Not a long one, but just long enough to shake my muscles loose and get moving again.  The first 10 minutes was hard, but it always is.  We've had this discussion before about how it takes me over an hour to warm up and get in a groove.  The body felt surprisingly good out there.  Really, nothing hurt and everything that was a little stiff loosened up pretty quickly.  I fell into a groove rather easily and even though it felt slow, it was a comfortable and sustainable pace.

My breathing, however, was pretty labored.  I had a hard time getting comfortable with my breath.  I felt like I was gasping the whole time; like it was the first time I had ever run in my life. 

So it was no surprise when I looked at my watch as we finished the 2 mile loop and realized we had run it in less than 28 minutes.  Um.... OK.  That explains it.  I usually run that loop in closer to 30. And that's when I haven't done a 50 miler less than a week earlier.  No wonder Bluff Creek took my breath away today. 

Feels good to be back out there again!

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