Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ho Ho Half Marathon: our final farewell to Hostess snacks

Who doesn't love a fun, free event?  I know I love them the best!!!  I wanted to run a half in late November, but there wasn't one nearby so I decided to create my own event- and invite all my friends to join me.  I organized, planned, made awards and prepared for a BLAST with friends for a Sunday morning of fun!  
Welcome to the inagural Ho Ho Half Marathon (and 5K and 10K) in honor of the demise of Hostess snack cakes.  Everyone had to pay an "entry fee" of one box of Hostess snack cakes and they were to eat one snack cake every 2 miles of their run.
all the entry fees laid out on the table- sooooo many snack cakes...

Well, it turns out Hostess goodies became too scarce to find, so instead most everyone wound up buying Little Debbies instead (and Little Debbie says "thanks again for going out of business, Hostess"). 
It was a blast.  About 40 people showed up to run.  Some ran on the one mile paved loop, some ran on the trail, some ran on both the pavement and trail.  Everyone seemed to have fun.  I only made it 7 miles and 1.5 snack cakes before I stopped, but it was a fun time, and I enjoyed hanging out, taking pictures and socializing with old and new friends.  We'll definitely do more of these potluck running events.  I'm getting REALLY tired of paying $65+ to run a half marathon and $90+ to run a marathon.  I truly understand why it costs so much, but I like to do lots of races and the budget doesn't always allow for me to race as much as I want.  If I can do 3-4 choice races a year, then do some of these casual races with friends, I would be a happy girl.  Real races are fun, but there's something to be said for lacing up your shoes and spending the day with people you know and enjoy hanging around with.  A great time was had by all.

Jack the dog did his first half marathon today, too!
yours truly turtle pacing it on the trails (with my new Amphipod handheld that I LOVE)
Rocky made home-made Twinkies.  They tasted MUCH better than real Twinkies!

Well hello there, Rico Firmshooter (a whole crew had some very creative stripper names
on their bibs- it was HILARIOUS)

Foxxy Puckerthighs and Sephora Silkhooters showing off their best moves

post-race socializing and relaxing

everyone kept track of their miles on this chart
I made awards for all the finishers.  5 and 10K awards are on the left, and the half marathon awards- shaped like Ho Hos are on the right.  The big thing on top was for the person who ate the most snack cakes during the event (turns out it was an awesome 11 year old girl)
the snack champ playing with her prize
Being out there and having fun is what it's all about.  Seeing the joy of a friend who completed her very first half marathon today (woo hoo), and seeing the playful spirit of an 11 year old girl makes you remember how much fun it is that we get to do these things.  Even when it hurts, even when you want to stop, and even when you question your sanity and wonder why you even bother.  It's all worth it. 
Happy running!


  1. I'm so sorry I missed it! Had I not already volunteered for church I would have been out there!!!

  2. Oh Man, this sounds like so much fun. Do you live in AZ?

    1. I wish I lived in AZ, but no, alas I live in the Midwest...

  3. This sounds delicious....but I think I might need some Pepto to go with my finisher prize ;)

    1. Oh yeah! It sounded like a good idea at the time, then after the first snack cake at mile 2 all bets were off. Ugh... so many snack cakes...